VFAF hosts VA Trump Rally breakfast event

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  • 06/29/2024
Veterans for Trump - VA Trump Rally

The Virginia Veterans Pre-Trump Rally Breakfast featured keynote speakers: Trump-endorsed John McGuire (VA5), Fox News Contributor Sara A. Carter, and VFAF national spokesman Admiral Charles Kubic. 6-28-24: Chesapeake, VA President Trump loves our veterans and first responders. Follow VFAF
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. Today's event was organized by veteran Jeff Hoffman, the new National Operations Director for VFAF Veterans for Trump, also known as Veterans for America First. VFAF partnered with AVV American Veterans Vote and Dan Nefferdorf of Fredericksburg, VA, to arrange the event, which was geared towards veterans organizing to support Donald J. Trump in his third campaign. Approximately 40 veterans, who are community leaders, attended the event and are expected to help get the vote out for Trump. Special thanks to Team Trump’s Mike Young for rolling out the red carpet to our veterans on behalf of President Donald Trump.

The Virginia State Trump campaign director, Mike Young
@TeamTrump, provided VIP passes for the 3 PM Trump rally to the veterans in attendance at the VFAF breakfast. In addition to the keynote speakers, America First candidates also addressed the energetic crowd, expressing their support for Donald Trump and the America First agenda. Featured speakers included candidates John Sitka (U.S. House Virginia District 3), Mike Van Meter (U.S. House Virginia District 11), and Jerry Torres (U.S. House Virginia District 8). Veterans for America First is currently producing a Trump documentary featuring Admiral Kubic and General Flynn, with a trailer to be released soon. The project is expected to motivate millions of veterans across the country to get the vote out for Donald Trump this cycle.

Photo credits Marie Proffitt

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