VFAF appoints new ambassadors: Marie Proffitt (VA) , Bundy Cobb (GA) , Jerry Ramsey (GA) Dr. Samantha Brown (GA) and Frederic Mulika (GA) Veterans for America First

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  • 07/10/2024
VFAF has appointed five new national ambassadors:

Marie Proffitt (VA) . Marie will work directly with VFAF National Operations director Jeff Hoffmann as boots on the ground in VA stumping for Trump. She will also play a vital role in photography and future VFAF video productions. Marie Proffitt is the Daughter of U.S. ARMY Chaplain that served our country for 29 years. Veterans advocate and photographer. Small business owner and community leader. With nearly two decades of media and sales experience in the private sector. Communications specialist and photographer who operates at the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. All American girl that loves Christ, sports, motorcycles and horses.

The following four new Georgia Amassadors will work with VFAF VP Jared Craig and VFAF documentary director Stan Fitzgerald, in their home state of Georgia, providing grassroots boots on the ground in support of the campaign.

Frederick Mulika- Frederick is with the US Air Force , APU / AMU at President of National Guard and Reserve Association, and works in GA Law Enforcement. Frederick has worked boots on the ground in Georgia, with VFAF, doing grassroots support of America First candidates for years, and now for President Trump.

Bundy Cobb - Bundy is a Vietnam Veteran
Jerry Ramsey - Jerry is a Ret. Lieutenant Colonel and Vietnam Veteran

Dr. Samantha Brown - Sam is a Retired Army Capt. and the Republican Georgia House of Representatives District 54 nominee for the 2024 general election. Sam serves with the Fulton County Commission’s Veterans Empowerment Committee, and the Georgia Department of Veterans Services Foundation.

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