Scott Presler joins VFAF's first official X Spaces

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  • 07/06/2024
The Trump campaign is expected to kick it into high gear by July 18th. VFAF will increase the national grassroots support of the campaign with our boots on the ground volunteers directed to join Trump force 47. The organization will also be utilizing all tools available on social media along with traditional press. Join us in the national stump for Trump by signing onto Trump Force 47

Last week VFAF initiated a test run of X spaces hosted by VFAF Ambassador Elizabeth Helgelien @ElizabethForNV in preparation for last evenings first offical event.

Last nights event was hosted by VFAF Ambassador Elizabeth Helgelien.  VFAF President Robert Cornicelli co-hosted. Highlighting the event Scott Presler joined to address the audience that reached 941 listeners. Featured speakers included VFAF national spokesman Admiral Charles Kubic who is acknowledged by General Flynn to be the original 2015 Veterans for Trump (soundbite by Flynn in forthcoming VFAF documentary on acknowledgement). VFAF National operations director Jeff Hoffmann and VFAF VP Jared Craig. 

Also joining the event were endorsed candidates David Winkler for congress (PA) and Duke Buckner (SC)

"It’s times like these when great leaders emerge and take point…. They become the tip of the spear… the Vanguard, that leads us to victory!!" quote from VFAF President Robert Cornicelli

VFAF will record all spaces so they can be listened to similar to a podcast.  To enjoy the 7-5-24 spaces visit

If you would like to be a future featured speaker with us contact us at , be sure to follow us on X at @VFAFwarroom

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