VFAF greets President Trump at ATL airport as he arrives for debate

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  • Source: vfaf.us
  • 06/29/2024
VFAF NEWS : Veterans for America First, aka Veterans for Trump, invited to greet president Trump on the tarmac when he landed in Atlanta for the debate 6-27-24. Thank you to Team Trump’s John George @teamtrump for the invite and recognition.

The Trump campaign handpicked invitees who have been loyal to 45, and in the fight to Save America for years. No invitation was allowed to be circulated and secret service vetting was required. Team Trump contacted Stan Fitzgerald,director of the forthcoming VFAF Veterans for Trump documentary, to personally invite him to the event and extended the invitation to Donna Fitzgerald, VFAF President Robert Cornicelli and VFAF Vice President Jared Craig. The complimentary event was kept a tight circle with limited space. Georgia’s grassroots leaders , and legislatures, were upfront with the boss welcoming him to Georgia.

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