Ambassador Application


Highest Level Completed (List degrees here):


Did you Serve in the Military? ( If NO - please disregard the rest of questions in this section)
Are you a Combat Veteran?
If you answered yes to the previous question: where and when were you stationed during your tours of Duty?


Is this your first run for office?


How do you define the term "America First," and how would you prioritize the interests of American citizens in your decision-making process as an elected official?
What is your position on immigration policy? Specifically, what measures do you support to secure our borders, address illegal immigration, and support legal immigration?
What is your position on trade policy? Specifically, how do you believe we can achieve fair and reciprocal trade agreements that prioritize American workers and businesses?
What is your position on the Second Amendment?
What is your position on education policy, particularly with regards to school choice and funding for public schools?
What is your position on climate change?
What is your stance on the issue of political bias in artificial intelligence, and how do you plan to ensure that the technology is programmed fairly and impartially?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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